Post Race Housekeeping Post

We have a number of drop bag related items that were either returned to the shelter or left and we grabbed. The goal will be to inventory all items and email their respective owners by the end of the week if the items are marked. Unmarked items will be included in a future Facebook post. Shipping will likely take place next week. If you have a lost item please feel free to email.

Shirts/hats/swag/etc. – While it is cost prohibitive to mail each individual who did not check-in their swag, we will try to put together a few opportunities this spring in which we will be at Mauthe lake. People are welcome to come out, maybe we can do a cookout and a nice hike on the ice age, and bring the swag with.

Finisher medals – Being honest here. We have a ton of finisher medals with no home. These have 2024 on them making them difficult to use in the future. We are open to suggestions on what to do with these. Thoughts?

Results – I know you are all itching to see who finished first this year. Ok, joking aside, we’ll have finisher results loaded by the end of the week. This includes the aid station specific times found on our website.

2025 – the jury is still out on exact date for 2025. But January 11, 2025 is looking positive. Who ever wished for snow could tone it down a bit for next year. Maybe just wish for half as much?

Course markings – we have a roughly 5-mile section of the south out and back that no longer has someone to take down markings due to a conflict. If you’re interested in seeing the south out and back and have the ability to help take down markings this week/weekend, please reach out here or via email.

Think that’s it for now. Thanks to everyone who helped make 2024 one to remember from our volunteers, to spectators, to runners. You simply are the best and I personally couldn’t feel more blessed to be part of this type of community.